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Topic for October:
Date: Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Topic: Why Stories Matter: Storytelling and Use Case Scenarios in Technical Organizations
Speaker: Laura Packer


Human beings tell stories. It's what we do when we describe our day, explain our history and talk about our work.

Users tell stories to describe their experiences with our products.

By working storytelling into product development, and specifically into Use Case scenarios, we can gain a greater understanding of how real users will interact with products.

A company that has an active storytelling and listening culture is more likely to develop usable products, have a more dynamic product development process, and a more fluid and effective communication style.

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About the Speaker

Laura has been telling stories her whole life; her mother reports she was born talking.

She has featured at the Usability Professionals Association conference as both a performer and presenter, taught at NASA and other large technical organizations, and has told stories at Boston First Night, international festivals, conferences and more; this autumn she is telling at the National Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, TN and at the Boston Fringe Festival.

Laura works at iRobot as a communications coordinator, collecting and developing stories across the organization. She also helps for- and non-profit organizations foster better communication and develop clear corporate vision through storytelling and coaching.

She believes everyone can tell a good story.

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