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An IT Governance Solution - Experiences Using Multiple Reference Models (CMMI, ISO9001:2000, ITIL, and CobiT) In an Integrated Framework

Today, it is very clear how significant Information Technology (IT) is for business and corporate strategy. Or at least, we know how dramatic the impact is of not having consistent IT controls and mechanisms.

There are two ways in which IT helps the business succeed:

  1. Adding value
  2. Managing risks

On one hand, IT can be used as a weapon to deliver fast, cheaper, less costly products and services and on the other hand, IT must manage its operations to control the risks that IT itself imposes to the business.

IT Governance plays an essential role in helping companies manage the importance of IT in the current business environment. Some important themes in IT Governance are:

  1. IT strategic alignment and execution
  2. Performance management
  3. Structured decisions and controls
  4. Defined processes, among others.

Although companies recognize the importance of IT Governance, they are challenged in creating the necessary infrastructure required to support it (processes, responsibilities, measures, etc.). In addition, companies face the challenge of dealing with and ensuring compliance against many so-called "accelerators" (models, best practices, and standards) that should help them achieve faster and higher quality results. Instead of helping companies realize these benefits, the proliferation of these models and standards (CobiT, CMMI, ITIL, ISO9001:2000 and others) are creating barriers, increased implementation costs, and confusion for corporations.

The main objectives behind this presentation are:

  • To explore synergies among models, showing how redundancies can be removed and complementary practices can be leveraged;
  • To explain the main concepts of a new, innovative framework that integrates the most used and recognized standards in IT today (ISO9001:2000, CMMI, ITIL and CobiT);
  • To discuss experiences and lessons learned using this framework in a successful case of supplier selection in one of the largest world banks.

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About the Speaker

Mr. Morin is a co-founder of ISD.

He is a graduate of the California Institute of Technology.

He is a long-standing member of ACM, IEEE, NDIA, and AFCEA. Over his 30-year career, Mr. Morin has developed extensive experience in all aspects of computing systems.

While at the MIT Center for Space Research and subsequently at Intermetrics, he designed and developed real time embedded computer applications and other Mission Critical Computer Systems.

At Intermetrics, Symbolics, and I-Logix he managed the design and development of programming languages, tools, and methods for the production and support of such systems.

He has been involved in the design of computer architecture at both the processor and system level.

Mr. Morin has managed projects, functional departments, and profit centers.

He is recognized for his work in Software Engineering Environments, Reuse (Domain Specific Software Engineering), Technology Transfer and Model-based Process Improvement.

While at the SEI, he provided expert consulting services for technology transition planning and implementation to programs under the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA).

He has led or participated in over 25 appraisals (utilizing SCE, CBA IPI, and SCAMPISM) through Level 5.

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