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Topic for March:
Date: Thursday, April 17, 2008
Topic: Cave Dwellers and Chatter Boxes: Demystifying Introversion and Extraversion
Speaker: Naomi Karten


Cave Dwellers and Chatter Boxes: Demystifying Introversion and Extraversion

The introvert/extravert dynamic is a complex one. Introverts and extraverts typically exhibit significant differences in behavior, interaction preferences, and work style. And the two often differ in what, when, and how they communicate. Such differences can lead to frayed nerves and ruffled feathers. Worse, they can create misunderstandings and flawed problem solving.

In this presentation, Naomi will help you gain insight into your own preference for introversion or extraversion and improve your effectiveness in working with your more introverted and extraverted colleagues, co-workers and customers. We'll take both a serious and a light-hearted look at the introvert/extravert dynamic, so as to:

  > broaden your understanding of this dynamic
  > dispel misconceptions and stereotypes
  > understand the positive and negative perceptions each has of the other
  > determine what each would most appreciate from the other
  > review techniques for working together productively

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About the Speaker

Naomi Karten ( ) has delivered seminars and presentations to more than 100,000 people internationally to help them improve customer satisfaction, manage change, strengthen teamwork, and enhance communication skills.

Naomi's books, Communication Gaps and How to Close Them and Managing Expectations, provide proven strategies and techniques for delivering superior service, carrying out projects, implementing change, and building strong relationships. Her ebooks include How to Survive, Excel and Advance as an Introvert and Changing How You Communicate During Change. Her Web-based. newsletter, Perceptions & Realities, offers serious advice in a lively, chuckle-generating manner.

Prior to forming her training and consulting business in 1984, she earned a B.A. and an M.A. in psychology and gained extensive IT experience in technical, customer support, and management positions.

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