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Topic: December 2008
Date: Tuesday - December 16, 2008
Topic: Taming the SOA Beast
Speaker: Tom Zauli


Taming the SOA Beast

Your CFO would laugh at the thought of waiting for an auditor to determine whether the books had any errors. Rather, he would ensure that the company had policies and procedures for vetting and then correcting errors long before the audit. If the CFO did not have this, he would go to jail.

Why, then, do so many software development teams wait for QA to identify the errors in their software? Since today's complex SOA applications are becoming increasingly difficult to test at the application level, leaving the burden of testing to QA is inefficient and ineffective. Consequently, applications are released without understanding what defects they include and what impact they will have.

On the other hand, some teams diligently perform developer testing, but donít effectively validate the applicationís high level functionality. As a result, they canít be confident that the complex and distributed cmponents which comprise a SOA application work together to satisfy the expected business requirements.

A more effective approach advocates enabling quality as a continuous process across the SDLC. Using this approach, developers identify and eliminate errors upon introduction, and QA testers or business analysts focus on validating end-to-end business scenarios. This entire process is supported and unified by an infrastructure that automates repetitive tasks, tracks project status, and provides instant access to the information needed for smart decision making and process improvement.

This presentation explores why such an approach is necessary, how it addresses todayís most pressing SOA development concerns, and how to best introduce it into your own development group.

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About the Speaker

Tom Zauli

Mr. Tom Zauli is currently a Regional Director at Parasoft Corp. managing field operations in the Northeast Quadrant of the US and Eastern Canada. His responsibilities include management of P&L for the region including continued, profitable growth of top-line revenue, hiring and recruitment, regional strategy and execution including evolution of the business and technical processes used within the region, and direct and indirect management of top-tier accounts, primarily in the Financial, Insurance and Healthcare verticals.

Prior to joining Parasoft Tom worked for start-up companies in the simulation modeling and software development markets in various technical and business aspects including consulting, sales, and field management. He is a graduate of General Electricís Edison Engineering program, Advanced courses in Engineering, and Business Management training programs.

Tom obtained a Masterís of Engineering and Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute concentrating in real-time communication systems and protocols, and image processing. Undergraduate research concentrating on analysis of bit-error defects, and signal to noise differences in fiber optic communication systems. Graduate research focused on the application of internet protocols to real-time, embedded systems. He holds a US Patent related to techniques for automating the data collection and filtration processes supporting simulation models of complex, n-tier information systems.

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