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Topic: February 2009
Date: Tuesday - February 17, 2009
Topic: A Strategy That Beats Recessions and Prepares You For the Better Times Ahead
Speaker: Curt Van Emon


A Strategy That Beats Recessions and Prepares You For the Better Times Ahead

Companies and employees compete with their business strategies. A powerful strategy will beat a weak strategy. The evidence of the power of a strategy is high profits for a company. For an employee, it is high income. If your income needs to be higher, it means you need a more powerful strategy.

Curt Van Emon will present a new, uncommonly powerful fundamental strategy for business people to increase their value which is especially important in times of recession and cost cutting.

Three thousand business people over 20 years have learned this strategy in a two year course called the Business Professional's Course. The average increase in individual's income over the two years of the course is 80% which proves the uncommon value of this strategy over common strategies.

Attendees will be introduced to the Aji Source Fundamental Strategy in a way that they can begin using it to re-think their strategic and specific actions to be more valuable at work and to set themselves up for more opportunity when the recession ends and better times appear.

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About the Speaker

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Curt Van Emon

Curt Van Emon is the Founder of The Van Emon Group, a company that teaches a fundamental business strategy to propel business people into the top 1% of income earners. The Van Emon Group is an affiliate of The Aji Network.

Curt has been an Executive in Sales in 5 companies over the past 20 years. In each firm, he was brought in by the CEO to manage or build the sales team, to design or re-design the company's offers and to produce sales strategies to grow the firm. As Director of Sales, one of these firms was the 6th fastest growing company in Silicon Valley three years running. Most recently, Curt was a Founding Team Member of a Financial Services Firm that grew to $100M in assets under management in just 3 years.

Curt lives with his wife and two young children in Lexington, MA.

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