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Topic: May 2009
Date: Tuesday - May 19, 2009
Topic: Modern Approaches to Infrastructure: On Premises or In the Clouds
Speaker: Mario Moreira


Modern Approaches to Infrastructure: On Premises or In the Clouds

Having networked with companies who had implemented Agile (primarily smaller ones) in the past several months, I asked them what their Agile challenges were. Several of these companies said that getting their infrastructure set up was a challenge while trying to get Agile established. This was an issue because Agile had instant demands on the infrastructure. I immediately had a flashback.

In 1998, I had a similar experience when implementing Scrum. The ScrumMaster had the developers coding in the first sprint (as is expected). However there was no real infrastructure or CM system to speak of and what was there was clunky at best. Coding was quite the mess and after the first release came out, the next release had a lot of regression. This all revolved around the lack of focus on infrastructure. Interestingly enough, even after 10 years, the infrastructure challenges persist.

This session will help Agile teams and, in fact, any company that is struggling with their infrastructure, by high-lighting the modern infrastructure options that are available today.

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About the Speaker


Mario Moreira

Mario Moreira is a writer for the Agile Journal, a Columnist for the CM Journal, a Sr Director for CM and Agile at CA, an Author, and has worked in the CM field since 1986 and in the Agile field since 1998. He has experience with numerous CM technologies and processes and has implemented CM on over 100 applications/products, which include establishing global SCM infrastructures. He is a certified ScrumMaster in the Agile arena having implemented Scrum and XP practices.

Mario is the author of the SCM book entitled, "Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap". It includes step-by-step guidance for implementing SCM at the organization, application, and project level with labor-saving templates on CD.

Mario is also in the process of writing a new book entitled "Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams", another Wiley project that is tentatively due out in the Fall of 2009.

Mario holds an MA in Mass Communication with an emphasis on communication technologies. He also brings years of Project Management, Software Quality Assurance, Requirement Engineering, facilitation, and team building skills and experience.

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