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Topic: September 2009
Date: Tuesday - September 15, 2009
Topic: Systematic Networking
Speaker: Marilyn Santiesteban


Systematic Networking

Ask anybody these days how to find a job, hire a good gardener or get tickets to the RedSox, and the answer is the same: networking.  So what is networking, anyway? Why should I do it? Don't you have to be naturally outgoing?  

Networking is the purposeful act of building and maintaining relationships. Even if striking up a conversation with a total stranger sounds about as much fun as a root canal, you can do it successfully. You just need a systematic approach. 

We'll use new knowledge  presented in Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and Albert-Laslo Barabasi's Linked: The New Science of Networks to turn the vague idea of networking into a clear process. You'll learn step-by-step methods to:

        Determine what type and size network you need

        Learn how to build a targeted network - online and with people

        Learn how to set goals and assess results for your networking activities

        Learn the niceties of social small talk:

                  How to start conversations

                  How to end conversations and move to the next person

                  What to say that will make you memorable

        Learn business card savvy

        Learn how to work a room

        Learn effective follow-up techniques

        Continue to grow and refine your network

Depending on the size of the group, we may have the opportunity to practice some new skills during the presentation.

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About the Speaker

Marilyn Santiesteban

Marilyn is the Director of Career Services at King & Bishop. She is an insightful and inspiring career coach who combines cutting edge knowledge, unparalleled creativity, boundless energy and relentless optimism to achieve transformational results. She is a popular speaker who excels at the practical application of abstract theories. Marilyn was born in Cuba and is bilingual. She blogs and Twitters as The LayoffLady.

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