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Topic: December 2009
Date: Tuesday - December 15, 2009
Topic: Analytic Tools That Drive Strategic Alignment and Project Portfolio Excellence
Speaker: Ross Seider


Analytic Tools That Drive Strategic Alignment and Project Portfolio Excellence

Companies struggle to balance their finite capacity for software development work, against an insatiable appetite for ever-increasing new projects. Over-committed development organizations suffer from reduced performance and missed expectations.

Even when the corporate strategy is well articulated, executive stakeholders often view business priorities through different tactical lenses. Exposing and correcting tactical misalignments / wishful thinking (both sources of tactical de-coherence) is challenging. But unless hidden contexts are uncovered and resolved, development can get de-focused and overwhelmed.

This presentation describes an improved method to flush-out tactical de-coherence and better manage the project portfolio. Visualization models based on the Analytic Hierarchy Process and the Theory of Constraints encourage planning stakeholders to articulate their strategic contexts, hear others, and re-align around coherent objectives. Specific interactive models will be described and multiple client cases highlighted. The models and decision support process permits groups like sales, product management, QA, manufacturing, technical support, etc. to participate as equal partners in project prioritization.

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About the Speaker

Ross Seider

Ross Seider is a 40 year veteran in New England's high technology engineering community. Ross founded On-Fire Associates in December 2001 and is responsible for its tools and technology practices. His previous role was with Akamai Technology Inc. where he served as Vice President Development and Network Operations. At Akamai, Ross was responsible for the development and operational integrity of a dozen web-based content delivery network services that fueled Akamai's growth from $4.5 million in 1999 to over $160 million.

Prior to Akamai, Ross held multiple engineering and management leadership positions with Motorola Inc., most notably the Vice President and General Manager of the Transmission Products Business Unit, a highly profitable $125 million business division.

Other positions held by Ross include;

VP Engineering and Co-founder, Concord Communications Inc.
VP Engineering and Co-fonder, Concord Data Systems
Senior Director of Applications Engineering, Codex Corporation

Ross Holds a BSEE from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and an MBA from Northeastern University.

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