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Topic: September 2010
Date: Tuesday - September 21, 2010
Topic: Agile - The Basic Roles and Beyond...
Speaker: Mario E. Moreira


Agile - The Basic Roles and Beyond...

In Agile, we hear a lot about the roles of the Agile Project Manager (aka, ScrumMaster), Product Owner, and Agile Team. This session will go in-depth into these roles. It will explore how the common titles of developer and QA must now have much more of a team focus and less of a "throw it over the wall" focus.

However, what makes this session unique is that it will go beyond the common roles and into the roles that must interface in some way with the Agile team. For example, "how do Functional or Resource Managers interface with Agile teams?" and "what is the role of Senior Management in an Agile context?" These and other roles will be discussed.

This session will also provide an Agile framework where you can get an idea of where in the process these roles may play a part.

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About the Speaker

Mario E. Moreira

Mario Moreira is an Author, Columnist, and the Agile Champion at Computer Associates (CA). Mario has been part of the Management team at Fidelity Investments and Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the fields of Agile since 1998 and Configuration Management (CM) since 1986. At CA he provides company-wide leadership in the areas of Agile and CM to help transform product development and increase innovation. He is a certified ScrumMaster in the Agile arena having implemented Scrum and Extreme Programming (XP) methods and practices.

Mario has recently authored "Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams" published in 2010 by Wiley Publishing. It provides an Agile Primer and a CM Primer, infrastructure to support Agile with discussion on Cloud infrastructure, how to adapt CM practices for Agile Teams, evaluating Agile tools, and considerations for standards and frameworks in an Agile setting. In addition, Mario has written over 40 articles for both the Agile Journal and CM Journal on the latest in Agile, CM, Release Engineering, Release Management, IT Governance, and practices.

Website: Mario writes a blog dedicated to all things Agile and Configuration Management (CM), and sometimes when the two converge.

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