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Topic: November 2010
Date: Tuesday - November 16, 2010
Topic: Do you have the Right Stuff to Manage a Software QA/Test Team?
Speaker: Steven R. Rakitin


Do you have the Right Stuff to Manage a Software QA/Test Team?

Management is something not everyone is cut out for. Managing a Software Quality/Testing Group presents a unique set of challenges. Maintaining a positive relationship with development is an on-going struggle. Getting upper management support, resources, equipment, and enough time to do a reasonably good job are critical. Early involvement on project teams is essential but often doesn't happen. Motivation and morale are also challenges for software quality / test group managers.

Drawing on over 30 years of experience in the software quality field, the speaker presents some lessons learned on ways to effectively manage, challenge, and motivate a Software Quality /Testing group.

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About the Speaker

Steven R. Rakitin

Steve has over 35 years experience as a software engineer and software quality manager. He frequently speaks on topics related to software development and software quality at conferences worldwide.

He's published several papers on the subject of software quality and a written a book titled Software Verification & Validation for Practitioners and Managers.

As President of Software Quality Consulting, Inc., he works with clients who are interested in improving the predictability of their development process and the quality of their products.


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