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Topic: April 2011
Date: Tuesday - April 26, 2010
Topic: Add Steak to Exploratory Testing's Parlor-Trick Sizzle
Speaker: Robin F. Goldsmith, JD


Add Steak to Exploratory Testing's Parlor-Trick Sizzle

Click, Click, Kaboom! Provoking spectacular strange software results often may be a main rationale for exploratory testing. While certainly attention-grabbing and even entertaining in a somewhat more perverse manner than merely pulling a rabbit out of a hat, such feats in fact may be testing's version of parlor tricks--all sizzle and no steak.

In this interactive presentation, Robin Goldsmith explains why such tests often are indicative of testing methods that actually divert scarce test time and resources to superficial situations while distracting from catching more important errors that exploratory methods are likely to miss; and he suggests some more reliable and useful approaches for putting contextual testing truly in context to leverage exploratory testing strengths in ways that provide more substantive value by detecting more of the more important defects.

* Separating showmanship from testing to find the important defects.

* Why exploratory techniques miss many critical content errors.

* Ways to reliably leverage exploratory testing to get more value from limited testing time and resources.

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About the Speaker

Robin F. Goldsmith, JD

Robin F. Goldsmith, JD is President of Needham, MA consultancy Go Pro Management, Inc. He works directly with and trains business and systems professionals in requirements, quality and testing, metrics, ROI, and project and process management. He was a member of the working group that developed the IEEE Std. 829-2008 on test documentation revision and currently is participating in the working group revising the IEEE Std. 730 on software quality assurance. IIBA BABOKR subject expert and reviewer, participant in developing the IIBA Handbook of Enterprise Business Analysis, and TechTarget Search Software Quality testing and requirements subject expert, he is the author of the Proactive TestingT and REAL RIOT methodologies and the Artech House book, Discovering REAL Business Requirements for Software Project Success.


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