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Topic: June 2011
Date: Tuesday - June 21, 2010
Topic: Software Quality in 2011: A Survey of the State of the Art
Speaker: Capers Jones


Software Quality in 2011: A Survey of the State of the Art

Software quality is a topic of importance throughout the world. Unfortunately software quality assurance groups are often understaffed for the work at hand, and also undercapitalized and under equipped. This presentation attempts to cover the known factors which influence software quality results, including methodologies, tools, and staffing levels. The presentation provides empirical data on the impact of major quality approaches, such as the six-sigma approach, TSO/TSP, clean-room methods, ISO certification, the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) capability (CMM) level concept, and other topics that can impact overall quality levels by as much as 1%. The presentation utilizes the function point metric for quantifying quality results. U.S. software averages about 5 defects per function point, with about 85% of these being removed prior to delivery. Empirical data is provided on software quality levels in a number of industries, and in the major industrialized countries.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Capers Jones

Capers Jones

Capers Jones is currently the president of Capers Jones & Associates LLC. He is also the founder and former chairman of Software Productivity Research LLC (SPR). He holds the title of Chief Scientist Emeritus at SPR. Capers Jones founded SPR in 1984.

Before founding SPR Capers was Assistant Director of Programming Technology for the ITT Corporation at the Programming Technology Center in Stratford, Connecticut. He was also a manager and software researcher at IBM in California where he designed IBM's first software cost estimating tool in 1973.

Capers Jones is a well-known author and international public speaker. Some of his books have been translated into five languages. His two most recent books are Software Engineering Best Practices, McGraw Hill 2010 and The Economics of Software Quality, Addison Wesley, summer of 2011 with Jitendra Subramanyam as co-author.

Among his other book titles are Patterns of Software Systems Failure and Success (Prentice Hall 1994), Applied Software Measurement, 3rd edition; (McGraw Hill 2008), Software Quality: Analysis and Guidelines for Success (International Thomson 1997), Software Cost Estimation, 2nd edition (McGraw Hill 2007), and Software Assessments, Benchmarks, and Best Practices (Addison Wesley Longman 2000).

Capers and his colleagues have collected historical data from hundreds of corporations and more than 30 government organizations. This historical data is a key resource for judging the effectiveness of software process improvement methods.


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