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Topic: October 2011
Date: Tuesday - October 18, 2011
Topic: Build, SCM, and QA: Enablers for Agility
Speaker: Steve Berczuk


Build, SCM, and QA: Enablers for Agility

Agile software development relies on feedback, and the best feedback on the state of the project comes from seeing working software. Good version management, build and quality assurance are the technical practices that allow you to understand how far developed your system is and what needs to be done. We'll talk about the role of build, scm an QA in laying the foundation for a successful agile team, and discuss the role of DevOps in helping a team keep the agile contract of ready to ship code.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Steve Berczuk

Steve Berczuk

Steve Berczuk is an engineer and ScrumMaster at Humedica where he's helping to build next-generation SaaS-based clinical informatics applications. The author of Software Configuration Management Patterns: Effective Teamwork, Practical Integration, and a contributor to, he is a recognized expert in software configuration management and agile software development. Steve is passionate about helping teams work effectively to produce quality software. He has an M.S. in operations research from Stanford University and an S.B. in Electrical Engineering from MIT, and is a certified, practicing ScrumMaster. Contact Steve at or visit and follow his blog at


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