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Topic: November 2011
Date: Tuesday - November 15, 2011
Topic: SEMAT: Cleaning Up the Confusion, Jargon and Fads of Software Engineering
Speaker: Chuck Connell


SEMAT: Cleaning Up the Confusion, Jargon and Fads of Software Engineering

Here is SEMAT's statement of purpose, from their web site

      "Software engineering is gravely hampered today by immature practices. Specific problems include:

           - The prevalence of fads more typical of fashion industry than of an engineering discipline.

           - The lack of a sound, widely accepted theoretical basis.

           - The huge number of methods and method variants, with differences little understood and artificially magnified.

           - The lack of credible experimental evaluation and validation.

           - The split between industry practice and academic research.

      We support a process to re-found software engineering based on a solid theory, proven principles and best practices that:

           - Include a kernel of widely-agreed elements, extensible for specific uses

           - Addresses both technology and people issues

           - Are supported by industry, academia, researchers and users

           - Support extension in the face of changing requirements and technology"

My talk will give an overview of SEMAT, discuss its successes and failures so far, and present some of my own work about source code refactoring which is in the spirit of SEMAT.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Steve Berczuk

Chuck Connell

Chuck Connell is a software architect, programmer and team leader, with 20+ years of experience across many platforms and operating systems. He is a software development consultant in the Boston area, wrote the book Beautiful Software about program design and construction, and teaches software engineering at Boston University. Chuck has a master's degree in computer science from BU and a post-master's certificate from Tufts.


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