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Topic: September 2012
Date: Tuesday - September 18, 2012
Topic: Wetware Craftsmanship: Better Coaching Through Improved Understanding of the Mind
Speaker: Brian Bozzuto


Wetware Craftsmanship: Better Coaching Through Improved Understanding of the Mind

Modern organizations have developed an excessive focus on human beings as logical and emotionless beings at work – seeing us as no different than the computers on our desks – to the detriment of understanding and improving the way that people actually think. It's time to commit ourselves to the craft of using our brain.

Learn how developments in neuroscience have given us insights into the inner workings of the mind, some of those discoveries reinforce coaching concepts that have been around for over a century, while other have novel and exciting implications on how to best utilize your most important, and very finite resource: your mind.

We'll explore the limitations of the mind, as well as strategies to amplify its effectiveness and answer questions like why stand ups should be in the morning and why that member of the team is just so resistant to your helpful suggestions.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Brian Bozzuto

Brian Bozzuto

Brian Bozzuto is a principal Agile Coach at Big Visible Solutions. With an extensive background in health insurance and financial service companies, his current focus is supporting teams as they adopt Agile and lean practices and deal with the challenges of organizational change. Brian is an expert at helping foster better relations between business and technology to achieve more response projects and beter business results. He has a broad range of experience using applying various process improvement framaeworks including Scrum, Six Sigma, Lean, and CMMI in large organizations.

Brian has been certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Scrum Parctitioner (CSP). He is one of the founding members of the PMI Agile Virtual Communtiy of Practice and the creator of the annual "Agile Games" conference in Boston.

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