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Topic: October 2012
Date: Tuesday - October 16, 2012
Topic: Behavioral Dynamics of Leadership
Speaker: Curtis Sprouse


Behavioral Dynamics of Leadership

Behavioral Dynamics of Leadership - What makes a great leader? What sets then apart from others? Behavioral Dynamics of Leadership delves into the idea that individuals are great leaders based on a wide variety of behaviors both genetic, and learned. These traits help define how an individual will lead a team and the impact they will have on organizational and team dynamics. By understanding the "Why" we do what we do, we can then improve upon the "How" we do it.

Curt Sprouse will discuss the how these behaviors connect to one another. He will demonstrate the way a team of Project Managers both succeed and fail in their interactions with one another, and how they could leverage Behavioral Dynamics to create a more efficient and effective environment allowing for greater organizational success. In analyzing a small team of Project Managers it is easy to see why their initiatives are not as successful as they would like, and how the can improve upon their relationships to complete tasks in a more timely manner.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Curtis Sprouse

Curtis Sprouse

Curtis Sprouse brings more than twenty five years of experience in the high-tech, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical and finance to his position as CEO and President at EurekaConnect, LLC ( As a founder and Executive of Boston Market Strategies, Inc. for over nineteen years, Curt has worked with over 250 organizations including many Fortune 500 Companies.

Curt has advised on business development, organizational development, sales, marketing and clinical strategy. Prior to founding BMSI, Curt was founder of a publicly traded company serving as CFO and COO. Curt served as Director of Special Projects for Mertech. He also served as Chief Financial Officer for OnDuty and Staff Support before assuming the role of President. Curt started as staff auditor at Big Eight accounting firm, Ernst & Young (then Whinney). Curt has also taught Master level courses at Drexel University in Philadelphia. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Accounting from Westminster College in Wilmington, Pennsylvania.

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