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Topic: December 2012
Date: Tuesday - December 18, 2012
Topic: Scrum: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow
Speaker: Dr. Jeff Sutherland


Scrum: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

This is a game changing moment for Scrum. How can you take advantage of it and move your team and company forward?

Jeff Sutherland, the inventor and co-creator of Scrum will take a look back at the origins of Scrum, explore how those early ideas continue to drive Scrum, expand on the current game changing moment, and look at future promise.

This presentation will give you actionable ideas and ways you can implement them tomorrow. It will inspire you to consider new options and possibilities.

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About the Speaker

Photo - David Teplow

Dr. Jeff Sutherland
CEO, Scrum Inc.

"Scrum is an Agile method designed to add energy, focus, clarity and transparency to project planning and implementation. While some say Scrum is not a silver bullet, it can be a heat-seeking missile to outmoded business practices."

Jeff is the co-creator of Scrum and a leading expert on how the framework has evolved to meet the needs of today's business. The methodology he developed in 1993 and formalized in 1995 with Ken Schwaber has since been adopted by the vast majority of software development companies around the world. But Jeff realized that the benefits of Scrum are not limited to software and product development. He has adapted this successful strategy for several other industries including: Finance, healthcare, higher education and telecom.

As the CEO of Scrum Inc. and the Senior Advisor and Agile Coach to OpenView Venture Partners, Jeff sets the vision for success with Scrum. He continues to share best practices with organizations around the globe and has written extensively on Scrum rules and methods. With a deep understanding of business process — gleaned from years as CTO/CEO of eleven different software companies — Jeff is able to describe the high level organizational benefits of Scrum and what it takes to create hyperproductive teams.

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