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Topic: February 2014
Date: Tuesday - February 18, 2014
Topic: A Career in Transition: First-hand Lessons From the Front Line
Speaker: Scott Wadland


A Career in Transition: First-hand Lessons From the Front Line

Everywhere you look, career advice and guidance abounds. There are books, videos, blogs and entire websites devoted to the topic. There are even individuals who have built a career for themselves telling you what to do with your career. Some of these resources are excellent, but there's so much out there that it's difficult to "separate the wheat from the chaff". Also, much of this guidance is based on years of scientific research across thousands of job seekers, but it's hard to get timely, first-hand accounts without suffering through "horror stories" at the local career networking group.

This session will take the collective wisdom related to career transition and boil it down quite simply - what worked for me and what didn't work so well. It won't replace all the other sources of career guidance, but with some first-hand examples to back up what I'm saying it will give you some new insights to consider.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Scott Wadland

Scott Wadland

Like others in a quickly-disappearing demographic Scott was a "lifer", having worked as a permanent employee at one firm for almost his entire career before being laid off due to offshore resourcing. Despite being thrust into the job market for the first time in many years, he was able to transform his career by switching industries and by switching from permanent employment to consulting.

During the day, Scott works as a Consultant for the Webster Consulting Group. In his spare time, he tries to "pay it forward" by helping job seekers in various software development disciplines.

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