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Topic: March 2014
Date: Tuesday - March 18, 2014
Topic: Being Agile - What it takes to Gain the Business Benefits of Agile
Speaker: Mario E. Moreira


Being Agile - What it takes to Gain the Business Benefits of Agile

As we look across the Agile landscape, we find that while can increase your chances for a successful project, there is still a long way to go. The question is, what are we missing? How can we gain more business advantages from Agile? How do we gain more advantages by applying innovative ways of thinking and changing the way we approach the way we think about success?

In this session, Mario will provide you with ways to achieve more business success. He will share results of survey work that highlights our current challenges which over-emphasizes the mechanic focuses we tend to apply within the Agile context. But more importantly, this session will provide you with a more successful way of approaching projects within a Agile context with a true focus on "being Agile". It will help you frame the way you approach the work. It will do this in two ways: the first is to ask you to reconsider your rules of thumb as you approach project work and the second is it will provide you with a new way to engage by focusing on readiness activities to help you condition the environment toward a "being Agile" mindset. Both will help you lead to gaining greater business benefits and project success when applying Agile.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Mario E. Moreira

Mario E. Moreira

Mario E. Moreira is an Agile/Lean Consultant with Emergn helping organizations achieve business success through value, flow, and quality. He is an enterprise change agent who has worked in the agile, lean, innovation, education, strategy, and transformation fields. He is a certified Scrum Master (CSM) and Scrum Professional (CSP) with Scrum, XP, and Kanban experience in the context of enterprise-level Agile transformations, coaching, and team-building.

As a Business and IT professional in networking, communications, product, open source, and financial industries for over 20 years, Mario has experience in software configuration management, project management, software quality assurance, requirements engineering, architecture, and IT governance. He served as Vice President of Engineering and Methodologies at Fidelity Investments and as the head of the Agile Transformation at CA (Computer Associates).

Moreira is the author of the new book entitled, Being Agile - Your Roadmap to Successful Adoption. He has also written Adapting Configuration Management for Agile Teams, Software Configuration Management Implementation Roadmap, and Agile for Dummies. He writes activity for his blog at Agile Adoption Roadmap and is a regular speaker on Agile topics at US and European conferences.

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