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April 2015
Date: Tuesday - April 21, 2015
Topic: The Engines that Make the Product Wheel Go 'Round
Speaker: Mark Taylor


The Engines that Make the Product Wheel Go 'Round

This covers the product/portfolio lifecycle and market conditions tracking. PLM includes the standard elements with a particular focus on the GEM phase (Growth, Enhancement, Maturity). This is where the profit is made, but often receives the least attention. MCPESTEL covers market tracking - Market, Competition, Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Environmental and Legal. Every 8 days something of significance changes among these elements that impacts the product portfolio during its lifecycle.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor is a successful serial high tech entrepreneur and established company executive with over 20 years' experience in applying empirical methods in marketing, sales, business development, and product portfolio management. Mark's lean-agile practice experience spans start-ups (Apollo Computer, Raptor Systems, and RAIDCore) and established companies (Digital Equipment Corp., Hewlett Packard, and Broadcom) in the areas of engineering workstations, embedded software, hardware sub-systems, chip design, network security and data integrity.

Mark is also an angel investor, which gives him the opportunity to review a half dozen business plans a month ranging from medical products and cloud storage systems to the next big innovation in pie making.


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