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The Power of Unknowns -- Harnessing what you don't know to achieve project success

Boston University computer science instructor John Keklak will discuss a novel approach to software project management.

By focusing students on project "unknowns", Professor Keklak has been able to increase project success dramatically in his Boston University software engineering course. In this talk, Professor Keklak will define what he means by unknowns, and will present a range of unknowns to consider when planning and carrying out a software project. He will also show how to use unknowns to identify work to be done, to estimate time required for this work, and to establish clear and effective communication between developers and other stakeholders. He will illustrate these techniques with examples from an actual software project.

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About the Speaker

Photo - John Keklak

John Keklak

John Keklak holds both B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a software developer and an instructor of computer science at Boston University. He is currently writing a book on software development, and runs a private mentoring service for software developers.


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