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March 2016
Date: Tuesday - March 15, 2016
Topic: Yes Hardware Can Be Agile
Speaker: Nancy Van Schooenderwoert


Yes Hardware Can Be Agile

Although there are important differences between hardware development and software development, Agile principles can lead you to practices that speed hardware development while raising quality. Hardware designers who've witnessed successful Agile software teams in action are asking "Can we get some of that?" What they don't realize is that fundamental keys to agility came directly from hardware work!

Nancy began her Agile practices in development work on hardware-software products, after 15+ years as an electronics-designer-turned-software-engineer. Other teams around the world have started to apply Agile and Lean concepts in their hardware development work.

This presentation will give examples of Agile hardware development from several industries, including safety-critical applications. They are not merely transplanting Agile software practices; these hardware engineers starting from the core concepts of Agile and Lean to build practices appropriate to the special constraints of hardware.

With the coming explosion of IoT-related products, it will be vital for hardware and software teams to work together smoothly in a genuinely Agile way.

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About the Speaker

Photo - Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

Nancy Van Schooenderwoert

As an electronics designer doing a bit of software development for flight simulators, Nancy learned about "Design for Testability", standard interfaces, on-chip debugging resources, spiral product lifecycle, "Hardware - Software co-design" and so on. Moving to full time software development and team lead work, she had a team working in iterations, using "test first" development, team-based estimates, - essentially most of the practices that became XP - a couple years before the first Agile books were out.

As an independent Agile coach, Nancy has worked with software and hardware teams, as well as teams doing other non-software work such as research, sensor development, and operations. She has led Agile change initiatives beyond software development in safety-critical, highly regulated industries, and teaches modern Agile approaches like Mob Programming, Agile Hardware, and Lean development methods.


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