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The Power of Unknowns -- Harnessing What You Don't Know to Reliably Estimate Software Projects

John Keklak will discuss a novel and very effective approach for estimating the time required to complete software tasks and projects.

John Keklak is a software developer who taught software engineering for nine years at Boston University. By focusing students on project "unknowns", Mr. Keklak was able to increase the project success rate by about a factor of three. In this talk, Professor Keklak will review what he means by unknowns, and will highlight how to use unknowns to estimate project duration using a real-world example.

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About the Speaker

Photo - John Keklak

John Keklak

John Keklak holds B.S. and M.S. degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and has developed a wide range of software products, including the CAD/CAM Developer Kit C/C++ function libraries used worldwide. Most recently he has developed the SimpleCSS client/server framework that simplifies creating responsive web sites and results in clearly organized code. He is also currently writing a book to introduce software developers to the practice of working with and communicating in terms of unknowns. In his spare time, he privately mentors budding software developers.

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