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February 2017
Date: Tuesday - February 21, 2017
Topic: How to raise the collective intelligence of teams
Speakers: Jonathan Levene and John Roberts


How to raise the collective intelligence of teams

You work with a team of smart, committed people. So why do they seem to get dumber and more difficult to work with when you get them together? There are three characteristics of consistently effective teams, and all of them are within your control. Drawing on research from Harvard Business School and Google, we'll show you how to raise the team's collective intelligence using accessible skills you can put to use tomorrow. We'll also show you how to augment them, get others into the habit of using them, and establish the patterns that will make you all smarter together.

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About the Speakers

Jonathan Levene

Photo - Jonathan Levene

Jonathan is a leadership coach, trainer, and facilitator with over 15 years of experience leading teams in product development organizations at small and mid-size tech firms. Through coaching, facilitation, and training, he helps technical executives and their teams to develop the interpersonal and team leadership skills to unleash their creativity, maximize innovation, and achieve outstanding business results.

At Harvard Business School, Jonathan coaches and facilitates in executive education programs on effective communication, influence and negotiation, interpersonal awareness, managing and developing teams, managing change, strategic management, and creating vision. He also serves as a lecturer at the Harvard Department of Continuing Education, providing multi-day workshops on interpersonal communication, facilitation, and decision-making. His corporate experience includes prior roles in engineering, product management, sales, marketing, and business development - as well as entrepreneurship, having developed his own enterprise health care solution and licensing it to several multi-billion-dollar customers.

John Roberts

Photo - John Roberts

John coaches managers and leaders who want to make meaningful change in themselves, their organizations, and the world.

For 25 years, John has consulted to fast-changing market leaders and start-ups, advising them on developing capability at the line, management, and leadership levels. John has designed, developed, and delivered learning programs for clients in financial services, health insurance, high-tech, and package goods, industries.

These lessons of the years have informed his mission to help people toward a more agile, authentic, and effective leadership. He relies particularly on mindfulness and reflective practices to equip leaders to navigate key transitions and 21st C. complexity. Recent coaching clients include senior managers in a $1B technology company, a director of a historic mission-driven organization, and C- suite leaders of start-ups.

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